I haven’t written a post for a while. So know I am just writing to write, we went to a resort in Mexico for vacation. Which was very fun. I will now just post random cat pictures I find on the internet.

I found those on Google Images by the way.


Today we had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. YUM! We don’t usually get to have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! They kind of look like the cookies from last weekend.

See what I mean? Well, bye then.

Girl with The Pet Squirrel

Settle in

He lay on his back

When his girl came in

She took a treat off the rack

The squirrel didn’t flinch

He stuck his nose out

And sniffed in and out

He chewed up his treat

Doubt he spit it out

Didn’t make a din

He’s settling in


I made cookies today, well, actually, I made the dough yesterday, then my family and I ate like, half of the batter, and I baked them today. The recipe is called Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. I found it on allrecipes.com. Here is a link,




Pet Squirrel Question

Hi, my friend, (her blog is leahsuniquebathsaltsandcards.wordpress.com) asked what I would do if I had a pet squirrel, so I am answering it! Good question, honestly, I would probably not have a pet squirrel. I am perfectly content with my 2 favorite guinea pigs, Taz and Cash. Though they are scared of everything and are always wanting more food, they are SO cute. If I did have a squirrel, it would be pretty cool, I mean, how many people do you know that have pet squirrels? I will probably write another post about Taz and Cash. Bye!

Late Welcome

Sorry for the late “not poem.” I am writing a poem story called Girl with the Pet Squirrel. I have nothing to write about! 😦  Except for poems. I have been writing on my other blog! SEA FOAM Bath Bombs! You should check that one out.

The Girl with the Pet Squirrel 4

Wild Squirrels

The girl, the girl

The girl had her squirrel

She skipped about

She hopped with a shout

And a squirrel on a string

And a harness with zing

The squirrel saw a squirrel

A wild grey squirrel

Running, that wild one

The squirrel shook his string

Squeaked with a ring

And hopped into his cage

A glint in his eyes

He’s happy as he is

The Girl with the Pet Squirrel 3


A squirrel and a guinea pig

The guinea pig, butt, big

The squirrel’s butt small

But special friends

They nudged a ball

And shuffled around

The squirrel with a bound

They nibbled at hay

But, they may

have a very interesting

Interesting relationship

And that is why the day they saw each other

After many months of play

The guinea pig was scared

And went away

The Girl with the Pet Squirrel 2

A Show and Tell Disaster

Show and Tell, show and tell

To show a squirrel

And tell one

Or squeak one

Or eat one

That girl, that girl

She brought a squirrel

The squirrel in a little box

A squirrel as sly as a little fox

The squirrel got out

Don’t you dare doubt

 That he snuck out of his


He caused a ruckus

And ran away

But then that girl

Who bought a squirrel

Found him the other day